Bring a friend, get a deal, catch some waves!

Whether you’re making your annual overseas or coastal LA visit and surfing with us, or simply carving time out of your busy schedule every week to fight LA traffic for an 8am surf session with us - you all make us truly love what we do. So as we approach the holidays, we wanted to offer a big thanks to you with a gift: Bring a friend and you both can surf together for the price of one.

book your lesson between now (Nov 15) through January 31, 2014 and get ready to catch some 2-for-1 winter waves together (don’t worry, we have some new toasty 4/3 suits for ya)!


Regular/currently existing clients only.
Must redeem lesson during promotion time: Nov 15 - Dec 31, 2013.
Can be used toward gift certificate purchase. If gift certificate is redeemed after promotion time, it is redeemable for the promo amount paid ($120) and giver/recipient must pay remaining balance (if applicable).
Subject to schedule availability & weather conditions.
24-hr or more cancellation notice required for refund.
Not valid with other vouchers, deals or offers.

Tips for Beginning Surfers, Surf Tip #2

Continuing on with our “10 Tips” for beginner surfers series…
We know, it’s been awhile since we posted
Tip #1, but it’s been a busy summer of fun surf and as we move into the fall and winter months, it’s now time for Tip #2! So here ya go:

Tip #2: Be aware of your surroundings.

This will help you in life and it will help you in surfing. Carefully observing your surroundings will help you to:

1) Understand where the right spot is.
2) Maintain your position in the right spot.

Once out in the water, observe and notice if there is seaweed around, different shades of bottom color, or if there are “boils” from water being pushed up by rocks. Are there fish jumping, birds diving or dolphins swimming by? Where are the waves breaking? Where are most of the surfers sitting?

When you first get out in the line-up, orientate yourself and estimate on the best location to wait for waves. At beach breaks you can use landmarks on the shore. For example, you may decide that you want to stay between the pier and the ugly pink house. If you find yourself out of that zone, paddle back there. At point breaks or rocky zones you can use landmarks, but you may also have to also use patches of seaweed and “boils” to determine where the best spot to be is.
Paying close attention to where you are will help you get more waves.

New local partnership with Community Perks - CoPerks Card

coperks jpg

For all you West Los Angeles locals! Zuma Surf & Swim Training has recently partnered with Community Perks (CoPerks) here in Santa Monica.

What is CoPerks, you ask?
CoPerks is a community fundraiser card that supports the Santa Monica Community by donating 50% of its proceeds to local schools and non-profit organizations, while offering discounts to local businesses (like us).

How it works:
1. Go to and select a participating school or non-profit to support.
2. Purchase a $20 Community Perks Card ($10 goes toward your organization. Need a suggestion? The Children’s Place Preschool is one that’s near and dear to us!)
3. Upon receiving your CoPerks card, enjoy exclusive discounts to participating Santa Monica businesses listed on from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014.

Use your CoPerks card with Zuma Surf & Swim Training and you’ll receive 10% off individual & group lessons (excludes series).

Support your local community by buying local!

Surfing with Patrick Dempsey at Zuma Beach - Forbes Life

Forbes Life Article - Zuma Surf & Swim Lesson with Patrick Dempsey at Zuma Beach

“Having grown up on the Maine coast, Dempsey appreciates the place’s still-genuine small-town vibe. Up in the hills, Park Place Stable offers horseback riders breathtaking privacy on equestrian trails curling around the 1,000-acre ranch. Malibu Winery has been run by the grape-stomping Semler family for 30 years. Take away the rehab clinics and the cliffs sliding into the Pacific and Malibu is almost as quaint as Lewiston. For instance, Dempsey says, if you locate the path that takes you to Little Dume Beach, you enter a world where “everybody knows everybody and not just because you might recognize each other from TV or whatever.” One sandy crescent north at Zuma Beach, where Dempsey’s kids today are training for the Junior Lifeguards Program, Kai Sanson of Zuma Surf & Swim Training will teach the rest of us to ride 10-foot swells. He has been surfing these very waters for 28 years. The Dempseys don’t surf, but the “lawbstah luhvah” in him–and I still detect an accent after all these years–often takes the fam across PCH to supercasual Malibu Seafood and Patio Cafe. Not that he’s much of a foodie. “What I crave is one of those,” he says as we drive by. Hush puppies? Nope. He’s eyeing the candy-red Porsche 911 convertible parked out front.” Forbes Life - September 2013