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Meet Kai Sanson of Zuma Surf & Swim Training in Malibu, Santa Monica & Venice Beach

Kai Iguana

Surfing with Patrick Dempsey at Zuma Beach - Forbes Life

Forbes Life Article - Zuma Surf & Swim Lesson with Patrick Dempsey at Zuma Beach

“Having grown up on the Maine coast, Dempsey appreciates the place’s still-genuine small-town vibe. Up in the hills, Park Place Stable offers horseback riders breathtaking privacy on equestrian trails curling around the 1,000-acre ranch. Malibu Winery has been run by the grape-stomping Semler family for 30 years. Take away the rehab clinics and the cliffs sliding into the Pacific and Malibu is almost as quaint as Lewiston. For instance, Dempsey says, if you locate the path that takes you to Little Dume Beach, you enter a world where “everybody knows everybody and not just because you might recognize each other from TV or whatever.” One sandy crescent north at Zuma Beach, where Dempsey’s kids today are training for the Junior Lifeguards Program, Kai Sanson of Zuma Surf & Swim Training will teach the rest of us to ride 10-foot swells. He has been surfing these very waters for 28 years. The Dempseys don’t surf, but the “lawbstah luhvah” in him–and I still detect an accent after all these years–often takes the fam across PCH to supercasual Malibu Seafood and Patio Cafe. Not that he’s much of a foodie. “What I crave is one of those,” he says as we drive by. Hush puppies? Nope. He’s eyeing the candy-red Porsche 911 convertible parked out front.” Forbes Life - September 2013