Kids Surfing Programs
with Kai Sanson and Zuma Surf & Swim Training
For Boys & Girls Ages 6-18

Along with our private surf lessons for kids, we have different options for kids in order to provide the best possible surfing experience for your child. Fitness, Fun, Sportsmanship and Environmental Integrity!

YOUTH SURF CLUB - Year-round surfing and coaching
Our club surfing program is dedicated to the advancement of beginning and intermediate surfers. We’ll focus on ocean skills, including how to read the waves and conditions, and how to be safe out in the water. Coaches will be out in the water surfing and coaching each child. Most of all, we will have fun surfing and enjoy everything that the ocean has to offer!

Surf with coach Kai Sanson and local pro surfers!
Club Surfers will learn:
~ Ocean skills, board control and wave knowledge.
~ Advanced surfing skills and maneuvers such as bottom turns, floaters, cutbacks, duck-diving and barrel riding.
~ Surfing etiquette and surf spot knowledge.
~ Environmental awareness and ocean stewardship.
~ Competition format and strategy.

SURF BIRTHDAY PARTY - Have the best birthday party ever!
We'll bring all the gear and you bring the cake and surf-crazed kids! Just have some food ready for when they get out of the water because they will be hungry.

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Kai's Bio:
- Born and raised on Pt. Dume, Malibu
- 27 years surfing experience and over 10 years instruction experience
- Masters Degree in Secondary Education - Loyola Marymount University
- California Teaching Credentials - Social Science and Health Science
- Extensive knowledge of local spots
- Surfed, worked and traveled all over the world
- CPR & First Aid Certified