Are you signed up for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon or need help training for an ocean swim? Tired of getting pounded by waves while swimming? Maybe a bit freaked out by the thought of diving or swimming under a big wave, or just intimidated by the unknowns of the ocean? With a little practice, we’ll help you learn how to swim with the ocean and not feel like you’re constantly fighting against the waves and currents.

Our program is perfect for beginning and intermediate swimmers who are training for an ocean swim race or triathlon. It is also perfect for kids and the whole family who want to increase their skills and gain more confidence in the ocean. Whatever your goal is, our lessons will be tailored to your needs and abilities.

We start each lesson with an overview of the current conditions and how it will affect our swim. We’ll cover everything from entering and exiting the ocean, going through the waves, navigating and plenty of stroke tips along the way. If you get tired or even a little nervous, we’ll be right at your side with a paddle board to rest on. Our number one priority is to keep our students safe and finish their swim in the tri. Our primary ocean swim instructor is a Certified Ocean Lifeguard, EMT and past Junior Lifeguard Instructor at Zuma Beach and Will Rogers. You’ll always get friendly, personal instruction to make sure that you get the most out of your swim.

Zuma Beach, Santa Monica Beach and other Los Angeles beaches.

All rates are for a custom, private one-on-one or a private small group lesson. Wetsuits are included. Group lessons are just you and the friends you’d like to swim with.

$80 for a one hour, individual private lesson. One-on-one training.
$65 per person - 2 person private group (1 hour)
$55 per person - 3 person private group (1.5 hours)
$45 per person - 4 people or more private group. (1.5 hours)

“I just completed my first ocean swim in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon 2010.  It was a really fun and positive experience thanks to the help and instruction that I received from Brett Sanson with Zuma Surf & Swim Training.  As a lake swimmer from Arizona, I didn’t have any experience with swimming in the ocean, and Brett was quick to identify my strengths and weaknesses.  He gave me a wealth of information and tips in just two lessons, and I felt completely READY to handle any situation that the ocean would present on race day.  And, that I did!  Thank You, Brett!”

Please email, call or text:

(310) 455-6900


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"Two years ago I set out to learn how to swim at the age of 38. I came into this commitment with a fear of water. Over the two year period of learning how to swim I made progress and began to enjoy water sports.  From swimming with friends to wakeboarding, I took it on and loved it.  Then I stepped up and registered for the Malibu International Triathlon which included swimming one mile in the ocean. The ocean!  Wow!  The ocean is powerful and alive. My fear came back. I felt powerless again. Then a dear friend told me about you.  Brett, your experience, communication, and confidence in me was a difference maker. In two lessons with you, I disappeared the fear and replaced it with courage, confidence, and focus. Thanks to you, I swam a mile in the ocean and completed my first Olympic distance triathlon. I am grateful to you. You have a gift." - Keith J.

“I want to let you know that the Malibu Tri swim went very well for me, and I have you to thank for that!!! It definitely helped to have had one of your lessons on a day with big swells and rough currents!  You provided guidance and instruction in a way that inspired confidence. You taught me what to look out for and how to respond.  I definitely have a healthy respect for the ocean, but I no longer FEAR it! Thank you for giving me what I needed to conquer that fear and feel confident swimming in the ocean. It’s such a gift!!! Thank you!!!”  - Diane F.