KAI SANSON - Founder. No longer doing lessons in Los Angeles
Kai has 34 years of surfing and ocean experience and over 21 years surfing instruction experience. Kai also holds a Master's Degree in Secondary Education, a California Teaching Credential in Social Science, Health Science and Foundational Science. He is proficient in Spanish and can tell you how to get barreled en Español if you want! See some past press about Kai and Zuma Surf. LA Weekly - Best of LA.

Growing up on Pt. Dume in Malibu, the local surf spots have been his backyard since childhood. He has surfed most spots on the West Coast of California and has extensive surfing experience around the world including South and Central America, Tahiti, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Portugal and even Italy! Recent surf trips have taken him to Nicaragua many times and to Baja’s East Cape, but his favorite spot in the world to surf is on a small, little traveled island “somewhere” in French Polynesia.

Kai Nicaragua

COLIN SIMON - Owner, Operator and Head Instructor
Colin has 25 years of surfing experience from the wastelands of Central Baja to the freezing brine of San Francisco and beyond.  After teaching and learning the art of surf instruction under the mentorship of Zuma Surf and Swim Training founder Kai Sanson for 6 seasons, he and his wife Jackie have taken over ownership of Zuma Surf and are loving it.
He grew up in North County San Diego and has a Masters in Fine Art from the UCLA. Currently he works as an Ocean Lifeguard for two Southern California Lifeguard agencies.  He’s an avid long distance paddler, as well as open water swimmer and coastal fisherman. With an appreciation of a deeper connection with his natural environment, Colin believes that interacting with nature and understanding it from the trees down to the roots is the only true way to find peace in an ever changing world. Sometimes old fashioned, and always dirt-worshiping, he aims to help his students find a deeper connection with themselves with water as the compass. 
Colin focuses on safety, ocean knowledge, aquatic understanding, and Ecosystem awareness.  He frequently runs into former students out on their own continuing their surf odysseys; he can think of no higher praise and goal in his work than seeing students flourish on their own.  But his vision for Zuma Surf goes a bit deeper...Colin lives by his belief that, “We watch that we may understand, we understand that we may protect, we protect so that we may survive and pass on to those who come behind."

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OTHER INSTRUCTORS - Sean, Jackie, Andrew, Nick and Nic