Here’s a bunch of info and resources for new surfers trying to demystify the art of knowing when and where the waves are going to be good. We've also included some travel resources if you're planning that surf trip you've always dreamed of. As far as resources go, there’s a lot out there, but these are what we use the most and recommend.

One piece of advice...
don't always count on the forecast. If you have time, go check it to see for yourself and get wet!

Surf Conditions and Forecasting Resources:

Pretty much the "go-to" site is They have comprehensive forecasting models for most major spots around the world. They also have a good surf cam network. But remember, even if Surfline says it's flat, it may not be flat.
Go to

LA County Lifeguards have good cams for checking the surf at Zuma and Venice Beach. This is the best cam for Zuma.
Check the Zuma Beach Surf Cam

For LA surfers, the best cam on Sunset is from I also really like their Malibu Surfrider cam. Not a great site for the forecast.
Go to

The most accurate wind and weather forecast we've found to be is Use the hour-by-hour to see when the wind will be switching.
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For checking swell direction and biggest spots, use the CDIP diagram. This is also a great visual to help understand where different swells will focus their energy.
Check the CDIP Southern California Swell Model

Magic Seaweed is good too, but they are focused more on Europe.
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Surf Spots and Travel:

To get info on surf spots around the world -- WannaSurf has decent, but not complete, info on various spots around the world. A fun place to dream of all the great surf spots to go to or if you are looking to find out about surf spots in a certain area or region.
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Surf Travel Company that has a lot of options all around the world.
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For vacation rental houses at surf spots around the world.
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For all sorts of surf travel options.
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For daily shots on the surf in Nicaragua. Fun place to dream of warm, tropical barrels. Aaahhhh...
Daily Surf Shots in Nicaragua